We understand that you want the best for your belongings. At Downsize with a Heart, we take great care to treat your possessions with the utmost respect in a professional and friendly manner. Just read what some of our customers have to say about their moving or downsizing experiences. If you like what you read here, contact us for your own custom quote.


In my lifetime, [I’ve] only [had] 3 moves! This one was more professional than I could ever expected! Thank you and your staff for making my move so great!



As an estate attorney for 35 years, I have found that Downsize with a Heart is a perfect solution for families struggling to manage the long list of time-consuming tasks they face when a residence is vacated as a result of a death and/or a move to other living arrangements. With just a phone call, the Downsize team can significantly ease the burden with timely, efficient and professional assistance that allows the family to focus on the more important personal aspects of these often challenging transitions. I never hesitate to recommend this Furniture Bank program to a client, and they are always thankful and relieved.


I called Downsize with a Heart to clean out my mom’s condominium. She was heading to assisted-living. They were a life-saver as we needed to get her into her new place. They did an excellent job; they were quick and took care of everything we were giving away. This was such a stressful time for our family and they made it all happen so smoothly.


The team helped me move from nearly 7000 square feet to 2700. They moved some extremely large pieces without incident and helped stage the boxes in the new home so it would not be overwhelming. Also coordinated with EBTH. Huge help!


I loved having my moving expenses help contribute to the furniture bank and they removed a few pieces from my home to donate to those in need. Wonderful service!

— Julie

Thank you so very much for your time and services yesterday. It really helped to relieve stress and worry during our time of loss. We greatly appreciate your ability to come so quickly and it was a very smooth and seamless afternoon, allowing for all of us to take a deep breath.

— Anonymous